SocioViz: a free Social Network Analysis tool for Twitter


SocioViz is new born social media analytics platform powered with Social Network Analysis metrics; actually is available for Twitter but in the near future will be extended to other main social media channels.

The only prerequisite is having a Twitter account that will be used to query the Twitter API and gather results. After registering and creating a new account the main menu looks like this: SocioVizLogin02 In the Query field you could search for a single or multiple word/hashtag and adding some operators. For example:

Operators Finds tweets…
made in Italy containing the tree words “made” “in” “italy” (case insensitive). Also the composite word madeinitaly and the hashtag #madeinitaly will match the query
madeinitaly containing the word madeinitaly (case insensitive). Also the hashtag #madeinitaly will match the query
#madeinitaly containing hashtag #madeinitaly
alessandrozonin that mention user alessandrozonin
from:alessandrozonin sent by user alessandrozonin

By default, specifying any other value, the last 100 tweets are extracted; clicking on From and To fields is possible to search 1 week in the past with a maximum of 5.000 tweets for each query.

Actually two types of account are available: free and associate. Free accounts could search up to 100 tweets in the past, associate accounts unlock the search up to 5.000 tweets and one week in the past. You could associate following this link.

Clicking on the 5 icons in the middle of the screen you could visualize respectively:

Distribution of tweets in the selected time-frame and the top hashtags used


The detail of tweets

Stat2 Each row in the table represent a tweet. The table of tweets is downloadable in XLS format clicking on the upper right arrow icon download .

The most influential and most active users

Stat3Influencer marketing, is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. One of the metrics that could help to identify influential people in Twitter conversations is to measure the number of retweets and mentions received. Also the overall activity of a specific user (the number of tweets sent), is an important metric but it have to be carefully evaluated; in fact in the example above the most active use is a bot.

The network of users interactions

Stat4Each user is represented with a circle (a node) and is connected to another user when there are interactions between them (RT or mentions). The nodes size are proportional to the number of RT and mention received, so is a good indicator of the influence of a particular person in a network of conversations; different colors represents different community where the dynamic of interactions are more frequent.
The network is downloadable in GEXF format clicking on the upper right arrow icon download . GEXF is a language for describing complex network and is fully compatible with Gephi, one of the most used software for network visualization and analysis.

The network of hashtags co-presences

Stat5Each hashtag is represented with a circle (a node) and is connected to another hashtag when there is a copresence in the same tweet; different colors represent different cluster of arguments that frequently goes together.

The network is downloadable in GEXF format clicking on the upper right arrow icon download .

Useful links

SocioViz : collecter, cartographier et analyser gratuitement des conversations Twitter

The SocioViz Project

Follow SocioViz on Twitter

The GEXF file format

Gephi: the open graph Viz platform

Important Update

Starting from 26 October 2015 SocioViz is a not-for-profit corporation created to promote and spread the digital culture in all its form and to support future developments of SocioViz platform.

SocioViz is and will be a available to anyone with some limitations. Associates unlocks additional and future features submitting their membership and paying the annual fee.
Register to SocioViz and follow the heart icon for additional information.


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  1. Hi, pls does Socioviz have an expiry usage? cos i used it to analyze a data two months ago which gave me a very good analysis, and i logged into it again since two days now, but it wasnt giving me any result anylonger….pls what can i do

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